Artist Essay

2. There were many different forms of art that were presented by Bobi in the zoom meeting; however, one of them caught my attention. The Mache painting that she presented was one my favorite displays which was the shape of the female body covered with different designs. The feel of texture looks as if it’s rough, the shape of the figure had curves around the hips and upper body, and it had different colors of a splash of painting. The painting looked large at a close angle, but if I were to stand near it, I believe it wouldn’t be as large as it looks. One idea I came up with was that the painting had some vivid primary colors showing how powerful the female body is no matter what challenge they face.

3. The ideas that I get from the conversations with the artist is like what made her so invested into art? Another important idea I’d like to ask is what form of art do you most identify with, if not one, how many? In the conversation that Bobi had with us, she mentioned that she was always drawn to creative practices such as making Halloween costumes and always drawing as a kid. This helped me believe these are the reasons why she was so invested into art because she loved it. While many of her artworks are created in many different forms, it’s fair to say that Bobi does not have one particular style when it comes to her art. What brings her artwork to life is the meaning and passion behind it.

4. I can respectfully say that some of the artist’s ideas do not resonate with me. My ideas in perspective in my drawing focuses more on what the picture is displaying as in like a “punch” or different arm gestures rather than the whole form of the picture. I see that some of the paintings are emotionally driven by Bobi; however, I have no relation with art being an inspiration rather than just a hobby of mine. Personally, I would say things from my life experience , and even academic experience is completely different from the artwork displayed. I have not been experienced with racism or corruption so far in my life, but I believe there will be a time this might happen.



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