Intermedia Art

  1. List your 3 or more media choices
  2. Which media did you choose? Explain why you chose this one. And how you think the piece would have been different if you had chosen the other two.
  3. Show your finished project using Photos/Video
  4. How do you think you did? Are you satisfied? Do you think your finished piece conveys the idea you wanted it to?
  5. Name your Medium post: Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

The idea I decided to choose was to show my progression and my goal I wanted to achieve one day. I currently play a game known as League of Legends and currently there is a goal I really want to achieve by the end of my college year. This goal is known as becoming a “master tier” player.

I decided to use Paint, Photoshop, and Instagram.

The media I decided to choose is the photoshop image which is the photo with the initial of JY. The reason I chose this one is because it shows what goal I am trying to reach and what people I plan to use to reach that goal. If I would have choose the other piece, the meaning of my idea would change. It would no longer mean the goal that I am trying to reach, but it would mean the progression of my life as a gamer.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job. I believe the images that are shown are self explanatory of the idea I am trying to express. I am satisfied in how things turned out and glad that I was able to show this piece!




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Joel Yarde

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