Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Joel Yarde
2 min readOct 17, 2020

The artist, Micol Hebron studied in multiple facilities such as the University of California in Sandiego for a year, and Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in Venice Italy for a year. Lastly she then graduated from the University of California of Los Angeles with a Masters of Fine Arts. The artist Joseph DeLappe, graduated from Sacred Heart High School to transition to receiving his Associates in Arts from San Francisco City College. Later, he was awarded his Bachelor’s in Graphic Design in the University of San Jose state which followed up to receiving his Masters in Fine Arts. The similarities to both artists is the transitioned to different institutions leading them to receive their Masters of Fine Arts.

There were many different forms of art that were presented by Micol Hebron and several caught my attention. There was a post that showed “vote” written on someone’s nipple and there were paintings of repetitions of nipples all over. The texture seems to look smooth and rough at certain edges. Joseph DeLappe artwork however is totally different from Micol. One of his pieces shows a soldier down made of cardboard and while looking at it, I can see a lot of jagged lines and rough texture surrounding it.

The ideas that I get from both artists is like what brought on their passion for art? Another important idea I’d like to ask is what form of art do they most identify with, if not one, how many? Although I may have not had a conversation with these artists, if I did I first would ask Micol what it is that makes you continue with your form of art. I noticed that your account from Instagram was banned a year ago, however; why is it you still continue this type of art? If I were to have a conversation with Joseph, I’d ask where does his ideas come from? Is it through your past experiences or imagination?

I can respectfully say that some of the artist’s ideas do not resonate with me. My ideas in perspective in my drawing focuses more on what the picture is displaying as in like an emotion or different action poses rather than the whole form of the picture .Micol ideas focus on the female body and applies more emphasis on it by including verbal messages. Joseph created historical figures such as the Statue of liberty; however, I have no relation with both art styles. Personally, I would say things from my life experience , and even academic experience is completely different from the artwork displayed.