Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Joel Yarde
Nov 8, 2020

1st Draft

2nd Draft

  1. What you thought the strengths of 1 were — I thought the strengths of picture 1 were the position of where I wanted the character to face, but I figured it can use some improvement.
  2. What you thought the weaknesses of 1 were- What I thought the weakness for picture 1 were that it looked to simple and the lines and shape needed to look more defined.
  3. Feeback you got from classmates- Feed back that I receive from one of my classmates is that he mentioned that he liked how I was able to sharpen up the image and made it look more realistic.
  4. What you tried to do different this time- What I decided to do was make simple shapes and forms without having to put any force into drawing a gesture. I decided to draw every shape as a single mass.
  5. How successful do you think your 2nd draft was vs your 1st draft?- I think the 2nd draft came out extremely well!