Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

At first, I thought art was just a drawing. I thought that the only way art can be considered was by an artist, but I was wrong. Art can be just about anything! What I mean about anything is just like it can be someone’s mark on the wall, someone's left over trash, and even a scribbled picture with a meaning behind it. Art is a form of someone’s creation and expression. Many individuals have different perspectives in what art is and if it’s expressed in the “right way.” I believe if your form of expression is art for you, then it is art in you. Art now, is your form of expression based upon how you are feeling or what story you are trying to tell. Art is basically your own story to tell, not someone else to tell it for you, unless that is your intention. If others may not see your style of expression as art, then it’s not art in their view. Towards the end of the semester, I was able to consider that art is how you define your own creation and expression without considering other views than your own. Although my major is not art, it can be very useful in Economics. In Economics, we use graphs to show and describe what is going on with the market if we consumers or the government interferes. This is called the Supply and Demand graph which shows us the effects of a particular setting that is going to occur if something happens. For instance, if there is an increase in for us consumers, the demand line will shift to the right meaning there will be an increase in spending because we have a lot more money to spend. When it comes to the Economics test, drawing these graphs will help you understand what exactly is going on and it shows the professor that you understand the concept of the material. My career goal in majoring in Economics is hopefully to become a Consumer Insights Analyst which basically means that I am the person that helps the business understand their consumers or clients. My responsibilities in this job is to perform a conductive amount of research and collect data regarding sales trends and consumer satisfaction. Once that is done, I will analyze the information to identify the issues or shortcomings. An interesting fact about this class is that I felt it has some sort of an effect that enriches my life. Before I attended this class, I actually picked up art as a hobby of mine, and I can say that I made a variety of improvements. I learned how to draw cartoon hands and body figures, the body’s anatomy, and perspective. When I draw, I feel this presence of ease to where I have nothing to worry about in life, but when I don’t draw, I lose that space of comfortless. In my opinion, art is something that matters to the community. If you don’t have a voice or you are shy to express how you feel, art can be a way that can allow you to express one’s feelings. Art is also something that is beautiful and it should be shared to the community in how beautiful art is. Personally for me, if art wasn’t established, I would be able to watch all the amazing animes out there. As the slogan says, “a great nation deserves great” is something that can be agreed because if your nation is providing the best care for individuals, shouldn’t it be good to give something back to the community? For my final thought for this class I would say I can see myself going towards a career in art because I enjoy the use of drawing, photoshop, and being able to improve in numerous ways. If I wanted to do something with art, it would be creating cartoons and animating them for people to enjoy. Lastly I would like to say I really enjoyed this class even though it was online. I felt that the professor really helped us engage in defining what art is and what’s the meaning behind it. Through this pandemic, I would like to say that this class was a positive thing through our troubled times. Thank you Professor